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Thank you for choosing our HYIP monitor hyips.club!

When ordering a listing on our monitoring, your project is also added to the investment blog, to all known forums and aggregators.
We pay high refback to our investors, up to 5000%.
And we make an e-mail newsletter, 24,000 subscribers of our monitor from all over the world will learn about your project.
See the tariff description for details.

Additional services

  • Project insurance

  • Banners. You can choose here.

  • Video review$50

  • Text Review$30

  • E-mail$20

  • You can also contact us with your suggestions.

    Money Back Guarantee

    We will refund you if our referrals' total investment less than the listing fees that you paid us. The precondition is your project paying normally more than 30 days since it added to our index.

  • You can only add a new investment program if you are it's administrator or owner.

  • Do not submit a referral url. After approving your service it will be added in the list.

  • We have the right to refuse your program listing.

  • If you submit to any type of advertising option and your program will be not paying to investors, we have the right to disable your advertising.

  • To get more proper votes you can place our button in most visible place on your site and ask your members for voting every 24 hours.
  • Listings Description
    VIP Exclusive Premium Normal
    Refback Up to 5000% Up to 4000% Up to 3000% Up to 2000%
    Rating Stars 4-5 3-4 2-3 1-2
    "HOT" seal* 3 2 1 -
    Insurance $300 $100 - -
    Guaranteed Investment $1000 $600 $300 -
    Text Review + - - -
    Video Review +(5) +(3) +(1) -
    TOP Banner 1320x235 Lifetime - - -
    TOP Banner 728x90 rotation Lifetime 7 days - -
    Banner 728x90 Static Lifetime 14 days 7 days -
    Banner 468x60 Static Lifetime 30 days 14 days 7 days
    Banner 125x125 Static Lifetime Lifetime 30 days 14 days
    Post payment proof on all forums Every day Every day Every day Every day
    Votes on aggregators Every day Every day Every day Every day
    Post Proof All Chatbox Daily + + + +
    Post on your Telegram channel, chat + + + +
    Support 24/7 + + + +
    Add Your Program Add Your Program Add Your Program Add Your Program
    * After project paying normally more than 30 days.
    Add Program
    Activation (including insurance) Reinvestment Total Fee Add Program
    VIP $499.00 $400.00 $899 Add Your Program
    Exclusive $249.00 $300.00 $549 Add Your Program
    Premium $99.00 $200.00 $299 Add Your Program
    Normal $49.00 $100.00 $149 Add Your Program
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